Monday, January 21, 2013

Magic: The Gathering Rudicon Tournament

At Rudicon 2013, we are running a unique Magic: The Gathering tournament. There are four tournaments in total, the first three of which qualifiers for the final. Those who place in any of the three tournaments on Friday and Saturday qualify for a final tournament on Sunday. Each tournament has its own prizes, in addition to qualifying for the last tournament. It is possible to pay for the tournaments individually or sign up for all three. Prizes will be Gatecrash Booster packs for all events.

On Friday, there is a Gatecrash draft. This is your basic booster draft where 8 players sit around a table and each receive three packs. Each player then opens one of their packs, selects a card, and passes the pack to their left. The players then continue this until the packs are empty. The second pack is then opened and the process repeats, except the packs are passed to the right. The third pack is the same as the first. Once this has been completed, each players forms a 40 card deck out of any of the cards they drafted and basic lands which are supplied. The entrance fee is $15. Players are allowed to keep the cards they drafted (returning the basic lands) in addition to prizes for those who do well.

On Saturday, there are two drafts. One of the drafts will be a Rochester Draft. This functions very similarly to a normal booster draft, but the packs are opened one at a time and are laid out so all players get to see which cards are chosen. This causes the drafting process to take much longer but means that you have more information about what decks people are playing. The entrance fee is also $15 and players keep the cards they drafted. There will be prize support for those who do well.

The second draft on Saturday is a Cube Draft. A Cube draft is also similar to a booster draft except that the cards do not come from standard boosters. Instead, a card pool called the Cube is created before hand from about 360 cards. These cards can come from all sorts of sets and rarities and are assembled in packs. The draft runs very similarly to a standard booster draft except the cards are not kept in the end. The fee is $5 in this case because of that, but there will still be prizes.

The final draft is on Sunday. It is a booster draft composed of many old sets (an oldies draft). In order to play in this draft, you must have placed in one of the other three drafts. There will be extra prizes for this draft. The top two players of this draft then go on to face one another in a Gatecrash Winston Draft. The Winston draft is a very odd format which you can read more about here. The winner of this will receive a substantial prize.

If you wish to attend the qualifier drafts, the total fee is $25.

In addition to these qualifier and final tournament drafts, there will be rolling Gatecrash drafts throughout the 'con. If enough players are looking to draft, than a draft will begin. These drafts will not be used as qualifiers for the final draft on Sunday.

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