How to Register an Event

If you are looking to register an event, then you have come to the right page. Here is a small step-by-step guide on how to register an event for Rudicon 2015.

First, go to the Register an Event page.
Now, you should see a form on this page asking for your name, the event time, a small description, and your email.

Here, we are just asking for your name so that, if we contact you, we know who we are speaking to. It also helps so that people who are looking to join your event know who they will be meeting.

This is just a title for your event to describe what exactly you are hosting at a glance. This is what people will see on the event calendar before expanding to read the description.

Rudicon 2015 is hosted on three dates; February 27th (Friday), February 28th (Saturday), and March 1st (Sunday). Select which date your event will be on. Each day of the event has many time slots available. Once you know what day you would like to run your event, you need to pick a time slot. Time slots come in 2 hour and 4 hour blocks, so pick the one most appropriate for your event. If your event will likely be running late or starting early, note it in the description field. You can see what events are already registered for each time slot to avoid conflicts by viewing the calendar. If you plan for your event to last over multiple time slots, then please email us at with your event name and we will adjust it on the calendar.

Give us a description for your event! This way, everyone will know what exactly you are hosting. If you have any special details such as a minimum/maximum number of players, a certain room, or a fee for the event, be sure you put it here. Any notes for the staff or players should go here.

An email so that we can contact you in case we have any questions. In addition, anyone interested can email you and ask for extra details or any comments they may have.

That's it. Just hit submit and we will look over your event to be sure there isn't anything off and we'll send it onto our calendar.

If your event doesn't appear to show up in a couple of days or if you need to change your event, contact us at, preferably with the email you listed for contact, and we'll help you with your issue in any way we can.