Saturday, February 23, 2013

Artist Alley at Rudicon

The Artist Alley is returning to Rudicon this year!

The Artist Alley is a group of self-employed artists, craftsmen/women and hobbyists who enjoy selling their work at conventions. Some of these things include jewelry, chain mail, key chains, buttons, stickers, written works and commissioned artwork of anything from portraits to full character information sheets. All the prices, products and profits are managed independently.

Here are some examples!

Rudicon Updates Regarding Magic and Pentathalon

Attention all Magic: The Gathering players and teams interested in the Pentathalon!

First, we recommend you watch this video detailing Rudicon from the GameBreak podcast!

For the Magic: The Gathering multitournament event during Rudicon, we have added an additional event and moved the events on Saturday. The Cube draft will be starting at 10:00 am on Saturday and there is now a Box Draft at 2:00 pm. In a Box Draft, a box of magic cards is emptied onto a table and players have only a couple minutes to grab cards they want to use. This event is similar to the Cube Draft in that you do not keep the cards you draft and also qualifies you for the Oldies Draft. The entrance fee is $5, but the event is also covered by the $25 qualifier fee. The Rochester draft is also pushed until 6:00pm.

For Pentathalon contestants: The team limit is now down to three! The roleplaying game event no longer requires the entire team's participation.

I hope everyone is excited for Rudicon!