Thursday, January 31, 2013

Game Showcases at Rudicon 2013

Rudicon is an event about experiencing and learning about new games, and what better way then checking out some of our game showcases! This year at Rudicon, we'll showcase four board games over the course of the weekend. These showcases will be around all day and games should be starting over frequently enough for those who are interested to jump in and play a round at any point.

On Friday, we are showcasing Game of Thrones: The Board Game in the SAU lobby. Game of Thrones: The Board Game is a four to six player game about forging alliances, diplomacy, and military might. You can find the Board Game Geek page here.

On Saturday, there will be two board games. One of them is Charon, Inc. Charon, Inc. is a game in which you compete with other players over territory on Charon, the largest moon of Pluto. Three to five players can compete in this board game. You can find the Board Game Geek page for Charon, Inc. here.

The other board game on Saturday is Dragon Rampage. In Dragon Rampage, three to five players compete with each other by running and fighting a dragon that they have awoken, attempting to collect more treasure than the other players (even by stealing from others). Each player has unique abilities and perks, too, that influence the way they play the game. You can find the Board Game Geek page for Dragon Rampage here.

On Sunday, the showcase game is Battle of Westeros. Battle of Westeros is a one-on-one tactical minis game that allows the two players to recreate battles in the Song of Ice and Fire story. One player commands House Stark while his opponent commands House Lannister. There are multiple battle scenarios which can be played out and you can even create your own, adding to the replayability. You can find the Board Game Geek page for Battle of Westeros here.


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