Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Assassin at Rudicon

You are an up-and-coming assassin in a guild whose guild master has just been assassinated! When the guild met to choose a new leader accusations flew and chaos ensued. Finally, one young member suggested a foolproof method to determine who would be the best leader of the assassins. All eligible guild-members would participate in a game to see who would be the sneakiest, deadliest, most cunning assassin in the guild.

Each player begins with one badge, and takes a badge from each player they assassinate. When a player loses their last badge, they are out of the game. Assassinations are completed by getting a masking tape X on the target. Full rules are available at the registration desk.

At the end of the weekend, the player with the most badges is the winner. There can be only one Assassin!

A short summary of rules include:

Tape will be provided. If you wish to use your own tape, you must have it sanctioned at the registration desk.

You cannot be seen by your target when attempting to make an assassination.

 You must display your badges on your person at all times on your right shoulder or sleeve.

 All disputes will be settled by our Assassin judge.


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