Friday, December 7, 2012

The Pentathalon is Back!

The Pentathalon is an exciting team competition with events representing the five varieties of games featured at Rudicon. Teams consist of four or five players working together to win some of the great prizes available.

The categories? Board, card, roleplaying, minis, and video games.

Each player represents their team as individuals in one facet of the Pentathalon, with the exception of the roleplaying event. The details for each game will not be released before the competition starts, requiring players to think on their feet and preventing any single team from specific practice and unfair advantage. Players will earn points for their team based on how they rank in each individual game event.

For Rudicon 2013, we are excited to announce a teamwork component to the Pentathalon tournament. The roleplaying event will require three players from each team to compete cooperatively while the video game team member competes in his or her event. Please check our calendar to learn more about when Pentathalon events will take place throughout the weekend.

The entrance fee is $5 for the entire team. This amount will be due when your team checks in at the conference registration table in the SAU lobby on Friday evening.

In order to participate, you can sign up with a full team of 4-5 members, a partial team of 2-4 members, or as an individual looking to fill in. Staff members will work to introduce any "looking for group" competitors and help in forming full teams so that all interested parties can participate.

All team registrations and LFG requests must be submitted NO LATER than 11:59 pm on February 17. Unfortunately, no late registrations can be accepted so that the event runs smoothly for all participants.

To sign-up, or if you have questions, email us at with the following information:

  • Names and contact information (emails) for each team member
  • If you are registering without a full team (less than 4, or a group of 4 wanting a 5th), please include each known team member's preferred events (in order from greatest to least interest). We will work to accommodate your requests as best we can. 

We hope that the 2013 Pentathalon will be the best all-around tournament yet!


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